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About Us

“To be a leader in the distribution of automation devices or industrial electrical devices of Thailand is not easy,
however, to make the customer trust and continually choose our products and services even more difficult.”

Business Performance

Nouveau (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is aware of this important issue; we corporately create and carefully select only quality products and comprehensive services with international standard. We are a supplier of inclusive automation, industrial electrical equipment. We provide a consultation service on the design and the choice of products to suit customer needs through our intensively analysis, and also we offer the professional training to our administrative staff to properly serve the customers. According to our completeness and potential of the company, we have been chosen as one of the official dealers for Schneider (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to represent the quality equipment to customers. Presently, we have received excellent customer response from government sector, enterprise sectors and industrial plant operators.



Nouveau (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is working toward to become Thailand’s top automation distributor and services provider.



To provide top quality automotive products and full-services, include; consultation, set up and project management services, to industrial customers.
We focus on compiling strong relationship with customers and business alliances for future positive outcome.




Nouveau (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

is an authorized Automation & Drive distributor of Schneider (Thailand) Co., Ltd.; we have cooperated together as a partner to offer quality products and equipment to the market. Nouveau (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provides a rigorous Schneider Electric training program in order to give the accurate consultation to clients and team staffs effectively.


Steady stride with a strong commitment to develop business to expedite into a sustainable leadership.

Established in 2015 Nouveau (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was founded by gathering together of the professional team who are sophisticated in automation system to provide premium service to customers in both the public and private sectors. In addition, at the first year of the company establishment, we had earned the trust from Schneider (Thailand) Company Limited to appoint us as an official distributor of the automation products (Automation & Drive).



Goal in the future Nouveau (Thailand) Co., Ltd. intends to develop our comprehensive products and services reaching to international standard in order to support AEC (ASEAN Economics Community), and also we focus on stepping into a leading automation supplier of Thailand with excellent expertise and the best comprehensive services in the country.